Obama got PWNED!

Obama got PWNED!

Proof that Obama is the Antichrist.


Obama is a terrible President. Who died and made him the leader? I'm not being racist AT ALL. Also, he is a liar and a spy. First, during the 1990s, he sold Saddam Hussein's daughter to the ruler of Lesotho, and he broke all of his promises. Second, when he signed for the Army in 1997 and became a general, he had 6 people who deserted executed via hanging. And finally, he had a traumatizing incident when he was in 6th grade. It all started on November 11, 1972, when Obama was heading for his class. He had just left P.E., and he was all sweaty from exercise. When he came on to take his clothes off, he forgot that he was wearing his Speedo underneath. But, the really embarrassing thing happened to him three years earlier, in 3rd grade. See, his adopted mother bought him a pair of Wonder Woman Underoos when he was about 6, and back then, he was really interested in comic books. But, when he stepped out, he was wearing them on top of his pants. He kept it a secret until 1995, when he revealed it in front of a live studio audience with 1,000,000 people. It's amazing everybody's forgotten about both incidents. Remember kids, always support the Republicans. Because if you don't you'll be SORRY! Now we're stuck with a complete imbecile for 4 more years! Now it's been said that he doesn't have a strategy for ISIS. And I thought I was kidding!!!

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