Cheerios crap

Cheerios crap

The Cheerios Kid is Back

 Cheerios is the most annoying and unnecessary cereal in the history of cereal! The mascot, the Cheerios Kid is even annoying than the MilkyBar kid. The O's get soggy way too easily. And their early ads quoting their use of Vitamin B1 are easily false due to the fact you need to eat more than the cereal to get a full breakfast. In fact, they only have about 0.7 grams of the B1 vitamin in every box of the stuff. Pretty small amount when you think of it. "Cheerios. Every little 'o' is made from oats. Every little 'o' swimming around in milk helps you build strong bones." Not to me. The only thing good about them is their Frosted Cheerios, a copy of Frosty O's

I wonder if Cheerios actually hurts you more than it helps you. Eggs sometimes have more Vitamin B1 than this product. Now that's saying something. Plus that Cheerios kid has nothing to do in his spare time other than brag about how this cereal is good. Why can't he just play on his Xbox or PS3?

For those without my Nevadabellian tastes, the sophisticated people at Wikipedia have an article about this subject. (view authors).

It is the infamous Cheerios Kid.

Do you think Cheerios is a drug?

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