Kryptonite is a nasty and weird substance coming from Krypton, Superman's home planet. It is designed to make even the smartest of people become the biggest losers around. However, there is a no more defective variant called Etinotpyrk that makes you the biggest loser in town. In town, around. You'll buy both so you'll get permanent mind fission, which will forever make you a loser. Find out later when you're not so busy deciding which version is better. Honestly, we humans are not interested in either Kryptonite, nor are we in Etinotpyrk. But we do use Eioprtntyk for construction, and that is somewhat purple in color. But sometimes we use Kryptonite-6202, an orangey colored version that comes from Uzbekistan (and you thought that place wasn't real!) Kryptonite-6199 is another orange version of Kryptonite, this version however is radioactive. Kryptonite-6200 is a very rare compound, with only five known specimens recorded. The easiest version of Kryptonite (but not the bestest) to find is Kryptonite-6205, a strange element that comes in twenty colors known.


Lex Luthor looking at the colors of Kryptonite.

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